League Info

Founded in 1978, the Beantown Softball League is the largest athletic organization open to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and heterosexual people in New England. The League fosters sportsmanship, friendly competition, and access to the sport of slow-pitch softball. The League boasts twenty-four teams in four divisions of play: competitive, intermediate, and two recreational divisions. Players of all ability levels find a fun and competitive home within the Beantown Softball League. Our Membership varies in age from 19 to 73 and includes non-players (significant others, ex-players, etc.).

We play slow-pitch softball with a pitch arc between 6′-12′. There’s no leading or stealing. We enforce fair play, respect for opponents, and polite behavior from all our members. We use ASA and NAGAAA Guidelines for on-field playing rules.

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